Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes different from any other tutoring provider?

    a) The name "Finally Understand" makes it simple to remember this education site.
    b) The material covered is explained step by step; formula sheets, tables, handouts and tests are available for free.
    c) The site is designed for students of any age.
    d) The English language used in the videos lessons is simple and understandable for students with basic knowledge of English language.
    e) The website is designed to be very simple in use.
    f) Signs, labels and pictures are designed to be visible for anyone.
    g) has also available free scientific calculator and function graphers.
    h) For recording the video lessons, we use High Quality Professional Audio/Video/Lighting Equipment.
    i) We are always open for comments, suggestions, corrections and cooperation.
    j) The website is connected to PayPal to make your subscription payments easy and secure.

  • How does website work?

    a) You may use our site to gain the knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Robotics and its services by ordering or receiving such services as a paying customer.

  • What is the cost per session?

    a) is constructed to charge for the following periods of time not per session.  Click here.

  • Can I schedule an appointment? is not designed at this moment for live lecturing or tutoring.

  • What technology is required to use your services?

    Any computer which was built after year 2003 and internet with download data transfer equal to or faster than 256 kbit/s.

  • Will you guarantee results after using your services?

    Yes you will. The big improvement will be seen after first time using